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I created PowerHouse to conquer the challenges I face as someone constantly inspired…to the point where I have folders of ideas and concepts for projects I want to initiate.

My challenge was how to extricate myself from the intensity of the things I don’t really want to be doing so I can focus on the things I love to do.

I realised that what I actually wanted was an efficient way to validate an idea or concept, scale it and turn it into an autonomous business capable of looking after itself. My nature is that of a creator and innovator…I personally have no desire to work in or on any project I am involved with as my gift is my vision and that’s what I really want to focus on, not just for myself but for people who need help to unlock theirs.

This meant I had to build PowerHouse in a way that could facilitate collaboration without money changing hands in favour of shared accountability for the collective result. It also meant I had to develop a business model and set of tools that could run an ecommerce business autonomously without any operational input from me.

As I write this I’m in the process of transitioning PowerHouse to its future custodians…people entrusted with ensuring PowerHouse realises its highest potential in the spirit of my founding philosophy and guiding principles.

Just because you can do everything yourself doesn’t mean you should. Seeking to be independent stifled my brand of genius for too many years, but the life that PowerHouse has enabled me is one that allows me to endlessly express my true nature, observing from a distance the projects I have initiated as they progress.

My hope for you is that through PowerHouse you’re able to awaken dormant potential and collaborate on projects that truly inspire you, working with people who recognise your brand of genius and appreciate what it enables them to be, do and achieve as a result. So how can we?

P.S. One of the other ways I’m utilising PowerHouse as a Sole Trader is with my brand Dragonfly. You can click the button below to check it out…


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