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Challenging the nature of commerce

Do you have the heart of a Backer?

We need your help to enable the next stage of our project by sharing your expertise, skills and resources or donating to the community Backing Fund

PowerHouse is a unique platform that enables collaboration with infinite possibility

PowerHouse Gives

you access to all the essential tools necessary to create a  successful online business

PowerHouse Enables

you to utilise your dormant expertise, skills and resources to back other Kiwi businesses

PowerHouse Integrates

everything in one place, enabling you to collaborate on an unlimited number of projects

PowerHouse Backs

our community by sponsoring them to launch and scale their very own dream businesses

PowerHouse is a hybrid of integrated tools and services that are essential when building a successful online business


made simple that come with scalable hosting


so you can create and sell your products and services and issue branded invoicess

Email Marketing

automated and integrated messaging for your online store and website

Analytics Dashboards

the magic sauce for anyone serious about being successful online

Online Courses

convert your pearls of wisdom into an online course to create a powerful legacy product and business

Royalties & Commissions

utilise our unique system for automatically paying royalties and commissions to collaborative Backers

Affiliate Marketing

enable Affiliate Marketers to share links to your products and services and automatically pay them a commission or royalty

PowerHouse Backers

receive a share of our success in return for Backing us and our community

When you enable people to do what they inherently want to be doing, containing them becomes virtually impossible

How It Works

Case Study

PowerHouse was aptly named for a reason…all the essential tools for success are under one roof

Back the Morpheus Project Enablement Fund?

And make a donation to the 


PowerHouse is so potent, containing it’s growth is our greatest challenge

Meet PowerHouse’s Founders and Backers

The perfect hybrid of expertise, skills and resources

David Ding

David Ding

PowerHouse Founder, Backer & Collaborator

Tom Milliken

Tom Milliken

PowerHouse Founder, Backer & Collaborator

Lynda Colby

Lynda Colby

PowerHouse Founder, Backer & Collaborator

Sam Pyne

Sam Pyne

PowerHouse Backer & Collaborator

Darren Brown

Darren Brown

Chartered Accountant and PowerHouse Collaborator

Prabhu KR

Prabhu KR

Software Developer & PowerHouse Collaborator

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